From Principal's Desk

"The end is never the end".
All the power is within you, you can do everything.

(Swami Vivekananda)

Dear parents and students, It is with great pleasure that I extend my heartiest welcome you all to our school  website.

As a principal I am very much proud to say that our staff belong

to such an organisation which provides character building all round development education with the twin ideology "MAN MAKING & NATION BUILDING". Ours teachers are very much committed and dedicated as a team leader of a motivated team working together, we strongly promote quality education, safe guarding of five fold  personality of a child, being inspired with the ideology of Swami Vivekananda. We give equal importance to cultural, moral values, sporting, yoga, music, celebrations, observations with the academic also. Creating better human beings and an worthy citizen of an worthy nation is our motto and we can do that when we are able to mould our students to be good human beings with values which are embedded for life. We aim to provide an over all development that nurtures them towards becoming strong and focused human beings.



Thanking You

Prakash Ranjan
VKV Sadiya
M: 7662043199

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